Let’s imagine a femme fatale. She changes her men like she changes her clothes. She lavishes them with bespoken suits and expensive adornments. She keeps them in her private corner where daylight cannot creep in. Like clothes, they get to touch the deepest core of hers. Unlike clothes, they do not last after the next week.

In the past, I have blogged like a femme fatale. I got myself a new blog, a new name, a new alias. I decorated my blog with widgets, themes and pictures all in one night. I might have even written one post. Then the next day, as I changed into another outfit, I got bored with it. Into the discarded pile it went.

But things have changed. Now I have a reader. Just one reader which actually makes a huge difference. It’s not like pouring my heart out in front of a cold wall that cannot utter a single word. At least, I will get responses.

So this, I do hope, is a page being turned in my storybook of life. I’m writing for this one blogger – Intelligent Countess – who encouraged me to keep a blog for her sake. That, I think, is one of the most flattering thing a person has told me in quite a while. She is strong on commitment; maybe it’s time I turn off the femme fatale in me, and start working towards the seasoned writer I have always yearned to become.

Thank you Countess. And this blog, for you.

Winter Reverie