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OK, it’s not like I’m getting hot-headed or anything. This is what I want to say:

You want to protect yourself, it’s understandable. But once it’s time for you to let down your wall, then it’s THE time. And “He knows who he is”, he will let himself in, with your permission of course, and all you have to do is be yourself and expand your space.

Don’t expand your space to make room for someone else before you’ve found one. Look for permanent buyers, not renters.

And don’t settle for anything less. Know your worth.





Blogging and Reverie by Countess

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A brief history of our friendship, thanks Countess, for I am to high up on the clouds to tell.

Around mid-March 2013, I voiced my woes that as I am very used to speaking with her I will feel a massive hole when I go back. I said maybe blogging will help, but she said “I cannot maintain a blog because no one is reading them.” BAM. the moment when someone understands exactly how you feel. You see, I do have hidden blogs before, and even a hidden tumblr account, to scream back at the universe for my fate, asking this or that pain to stop. But they all didnt last. So I want to write differently now. Right now, I want to write daily things in a much more positive light, because even in my deepest downs of 2012, I have been blessed with enough food, shelter, clothing & emotional support. Most importantly, I have been led back to an even stronger faith in Christ.



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Countess, for you.

Words4jp's Blog

{a typical night at kimberly’s house……..}
Self says to Self :
you must
let go
of guilt,
of anger,
of hurt,
of pain,
of fear,
of him –
the one you love so dear.
you must
believe in yourself,
trust in yourself,
not so harshly judge yourself,
be yourself,
forgive yourself,
accept yourself
let us not forget –
Self then says to Self:
There are so many hours in one day.
I have a headache you see,
’cause there is so much ‘stuff’
formySelfto do
well, there is only one ofME!

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Here’s a beautiful piece about rainy feelings by Countess. Couldn’t have written better myself!

intelligent countess' scripts

Aaahhh. Melbourne is raining.

Have I told you that I am one of those rare person who loves rain and hates sunshine?

There is something really romantic about rainy days. It is the droplets soft tapping on the windows, the invisible slight chill that wrap you, trying to get you to tighten that winter coat one more time in a teasing nudge. It is the smell of grass, the soil, the earth, that drifted together, wafted into one aromatic mixture that made you almost drunk in its sweetness.

Rain also inspires me to be creative. Those days you just want to sit by your windows, surrounded by an army of pastel pillows and create things, from blog entry to cupcakes. Or settle down with a really good book, as a prelude to a fantasy-like dream.

It also brings memories, or rather, dreams for a distant land, England. I will then…

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