The frailty of originality

In an extraordinary world, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

And the extraordinary becomes ordinary.

You are not rare where you belong.

So if you want to be rare and unique, go where you don’t belong.

Is isolation uniqueness’ best friend?


That is the frailty of genius, John. It needs an audience.
– Sherlock –



Who do you think you are?

Use your privilege to serve the world

– The Selfish Artist | Puttylike –

There are people who would tell you that your dreams are offensive because they themselves have been unable to follow their own dreams. Don’t let their disappointment infect your idealism. Because they are just that: jaded by failure, dulled by age.

I’m not immune from failure. Nor am I barred from success. They will be my last stop if I keep my eyes on the final prize. Because I know that the highest point on a wheel will eventually have to go down. I have to go down to go up.

Ok in the end


What does it matter, they are just words on a page.

What can words on a page possibly do?

Some kind of emotional nurturing? Introspection? Or just silent whining?

Get yourself out there and do some works, you useless girl.

As if it doesn’t cost a penny feeding you.

Well, the page was ripped, the scolding stopped, and she walked out there, the balcony.

Looking down.





The street brimmed with life, chattering of sellers and buyers under colourful canvas, clattering of coins on sweaty palms, thudding of pork chunks on blood-stained chopping boards, clamouring of hens in dung-littered cages.

A market at high noon.




Nice place to die.




She jumped.






What does it matter?

When the heart strikes…

Sometimes a guy appears in your life without you having to do anything.

Sometimes you look into his eyes, no fear abound, and you can see him actually looking back.

Sometimes you notice his stubble jaw  and wonder what kind of character he’s most suited to play in your fantasy.

Sometimes the guy notices the way your eyes averting back at him every time you’re confused or happy.

You want to share with him those beautiful moments in your life.


But you wonder where he will be when darkness of the soul scares your heart into submission.

Will he stand next to you, or will he run?

Will you call after him or will you accept and face it all by yourself?

Will either of you have the courage to take the first step towards each other?

Will either of you back down?

Will there be regret or rejoice?


Say say, hear hear

She tries to say, but he refuses to listen.

He tries to listen, but she refuses to say.

When will they be in tune? When will the spark ignite?

Forever more, avoiding you.